“Am Living Witness,Stop donating clothes to orphanages, staff don’t give it to the kids – Orphaned lady opens up

A South African lady has gone online to explain why donating old clothes to orphanage homes do not benefit the children, PraizeMedia report.

Riri Tsholo said that she grew up in an orphanage and can attest to the selfish schemes carried out by staff at such establishments.

According to her, the caretakers and supervisors go home with the clothes and give it to their own children. Riri said it is better to give the clothes to needy strangers on the streets or on social media.

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She gave the advised while responding to a Twitter user who wrote;

Normalize giving away clothes you no longer wear to Orphanages.”

Taking to her Twitter page, Riri wrote; ”As someone who grew up from orphanage, I’d advice a person not to do that, ngoba people do give clothes and toys but the staff take the fine clothes to give them to their families, same goes with toys.. Just give them to any stranger you see on socials or at the streets.”

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