Chicken Copies Man Limping on one Leg with a Walking Stick, Walks like Him (Video)

A video of a chicken imitating the walking steps of a man hopping on one leg with the aid of a stick has stunned netizens, PraizeMedia report.

The hilarious video was shared on TikTok by a stunned netizen with the handle @be_de_boss2 who marvelled saying, ”Lol . This chicken nah full vibe oo.”.

In the clip, the man hopped on his right leg and supported his bandaged left leg by holding a stick.Right behind him, a chicken is seen also walking in the same hopping manner the physically challenged man was conditioned to walk in.

Watch the Video Below 👇👇

The man noticed this and got infuriated. He chased the chicken around with his walking stick.


Lol 😂. This chicken nah full vibe oo😂#laugh #viral #fyp

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