“Who Use Religion Do us like this” – Netizens React As Nigerian Muslim claims he saw ‘Allah’ inscribed on piece of meat he bought at a restaurant

An Abuja-based Nigerian man, Wushishi Habibu, has claimed the word “Allah” was inscribed on the piece of meat he bought at a restaurant, praizemedia report.

Habibu, who shared the rather bizarre incident on Facebook, said the event happened on Wednesday, July 20.

According to him, he had ordered a plate of rice and beef from a restaurant in the Federal Capital Territory, and when he settled to devour the meal, he noticed Allah inscribed on the piece of meat.

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He shared a snapshot of the said meat on his Facebook page and captioned it ; “By Allah who created me, I just saw this while taking my lunch in the office now. I have never believed all the ones I have seen in the past but Allah has clearly shown it to me today. I bought the food from Abdullahi Aisha Restaurant and upon arriving office while trying to munch the meat I saw “ALLAH” written on it. Indeed Allah is great.”

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