“And she’s sleeping comfortable” – Reactions As Mother was shock to see her child soundly sleeping on a powered generator

Many social media users, including the child’s mother, were astounded by the image of a young girl sleeping very comfortably on a powered generator, praizemedia report.

The mother videotaped the hilarious occurrence and shared it on social media.

On the video, it is possible to see the young child, known as Ajoke, dozing off on the generator with her head leaning against the wall.The mother could be heard laughing as she shouted the baby’s name, but it appeared that the youngster was already sound asleep.

Watch the Video Below 👇👇

View a few of the remarks below:

jaretare wrote:
“Make my children ready for coflin 0, because any small stress, just two scoop & and that’s”

temilorunare wrote:
“Too much PJ MASK cartoon”

official_devon91 wrote:
“He needs body massage”.

db_naturals_ wrote:
“The posture is like “nna ehn I cannot kee myself abeg OD anywhere i fit land I land”

mayorjnr_ wrote:
“This one naa skit too abi, una mumu no too much? U de there dey laugh alright”

jagabanyoutube wrote:
“Mood when you don’t pay bills”

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