“So Oyinbo Women Are Also Very Toxic Like this” – Reactions As Video of Nigerian model, Toby Obumseli being assaulted by his US girlfriend before his death (Video)

The death of Nigerian model and businessman Tobechukwu Christian Obumseli has left many Nigerians, including celebrities heartbroken, praizemedia report.

The model was killed by his American girlfriend, Courtney Clenney, who stabbed him.

On April 3rd, 2022, Courtney stabbed him to death with a knife in their luxury Miami apartment.The two had been together for two years.

Courtney was released after she claimed self defence at the time.

However, prosecutors recently found evidence that suggests otherwise.

In footage released this week by the prosecutors as part of the evidence, she was filmed slapping, punching and pulling his hair as Christian tried to fend off her attack. Two months after, Christian was reported dead.

She was officially arrested this week and has been charged with second degree murder with a deadly weapon.

The 25-year-old OnlyFans star was arrested in Hawaii on Wednesday, August 12th and is currently awaiting extradition to Florida.

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Victoria Inyama, Junior Pope, MC Edopikin, and Yetunde Bakare reacted to the devastating news.

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Victoria Inyama wrote : This is not the first attack… being beaten robs a person off his self worth/esteem….she would beg and he will stay…but this was a relationship not marriage..no need to ask why he didn’t leave, it’s often complicated…. RIP to him, sadly she will get a light sentence… As usual

Jnr Pope: Sad, so sad

Yetunde Bakare: He ought to have walked away… when no be jazz! How can you stay a day longer with a toxic partner.

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