“She’s a Unique Princess” – Cute Little Girl Who Has Rare Blue Eye Colour Goes Viral, Video Stuns People

A cute little girl has gone viral on social media after her mother shared a video showcasing her rare pair of eyes, praizemedia report.

The colour of her eyes are so rare and captivating, that one would think the baby is wearing a contact lens.The girl was seen in a video posted on TikTok by @heyy..cheryl who calls the pretty kid an African princess.TikTokers have swooped on the short clip as they are stunned by the girl’s eye colour.

Watch the Video Below 👇👇

Dressed up in Tiger colours
Before the girl was recorded, she was dressed up in a wrapper which had stripes like that of a tiger. Her headgear was also made of the same fabric.

When the mum was asked how she reacted after finding out the uniqueness of her daughter’s eyes, she said:

“It was really sweet.”


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