“So Mama Dey Fear Fans” – Actress Toyin Abraham deletes exercise video of Tinubu after Fans threat to boycott and Dump Her new movie

Actress Toyin Abraham has deleted a video of All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu riding a bicycle to show fitness and debunk death rumours, praizemedia report.

Tinubu’s whereabouts has been a matter of public concern following his absence from public events including the first signing of the Peace Accord by presidential candidates in Abuja.

Reacting to Tinubu’s statement, Toyin shared the video on Instagram with the caption: “What else does Tinubu need to do to prove that the is not dying today? I am not campaigning for any candidate, just jumping on trending topic. I am just a responsible citizen with PVC and power to choose who to vote for.”

Her caption, however, generated backlash from critics who threatened to boycott her soon to be released movie Ijakumo.


Netizens react ;

Otty Alice wrote, “No kind dat one!! If we decide not to watch her movies now it will be we are wicked”.

Ginia Barbie wrote, “Very shameless people. Don’t be surprise she dey do eye service make Agbado Master notice her. At the same stylishly testing the waters to know people’s reaction. Let them continue selling out that Karma is doing pressup. If the state of this nation pleases Toyin let the life of her kids turn out like current Nigeria economy. Ndi ngbu!”.

“Shebi you have an upcoming film in December and you’re making this rubbish post. We go just ignore your movie,” Kemi_Kadiri threatened.

Pm check on Toyin’s Instagram account on revealed that the video has been taken down.

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