“They Want to Dupe Me again” – Portable Zazu Cries Out Over N20b Lawsuit From International Promoter Preventing Him From Travelling to the US

Nigerian artist Okikiola Habeeb, better known as Portable Zazu, has taken to social media to cry out over a shady deal he got involved in through his former manager Ijoba Danku with an international music promoter, praizemedia report.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Portable stated that an international promoter promised to help with his US visa, but after being turned down five times, he gave up on it.Portable spoke about how the international promoter wanted to make him travel with 10 people who are not related to him in an effort to get the visa, but it failed.The Zazu singer said another friend of his promised to help him with the US visa, but the international promoter, whom his ex-manager signed a deal with, said he must pay N12 million to forget about their previous contract.


According to Portable, he accepted their offer and pleaded to pay in instalments, which they agreed to as he revealed he had paid N2 million twice and is unable to complete the rest of the payment.

Portable added that the international promoter is now demanding N20 billion as damages fees to let go of his previous contract terms and allow him to travel to the US without issues.

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