See Details of How Mercy Aigbe’s sister burns down Their mum’s house, accuses her of being a witch transferring her glory to Mercy Aigbe (Watch VIDEO)

Mercy Aigbe’s older sister, Dr. Patience, has taken drastic measures to vent her resentment toward her mother by setting her home on fire. Dr. Patience’s accusation that their mother is a witch and her use of her witchcraft activity against her in favor of her other well-liked daughter, Mercy, is the source of their argument, praizemedia report.

She further claimed that the elderly woman refused to assist her in repaying a N800,000 loan that she had taken out and had to repay.

The house on Adebayo Mokuolu Street, across from Anthony Village Recreation Center in Lagos, is said to have been set on fire by Dr. Pat. Nothing could be saved, and the house was completely destroyed.


People in the neighborhood claim that the house belonged to their mother’s deceased spouse, for whom the elderly woman had only one son.

She was residing in the mini-duplicate that his father had given to her son, who happened to be Dr. Pat’s half-brother.

The structure is separate from the main structure, which is in front and has additional apartments.

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