“Is this also A Gift For the New Couple” – Nigerian Woman Ties Goat Gele And Wrapper, Takes It to Wedding Reception in Video, Stirs Reactions

A video of a goat dressed up like a human being has attracted the attention of Nigerians on TikTok, praizemedia report.

In the short clip posted by @bumilocks, the goat was dragged to a wedding reception.The intent of the goat owner was not immediately clear, but the goat had a scarf popularly called gele and a wrapper around its waist areacrowd of women milled around the goat as it continued to look around in clear confusion.


Is goat used as wedding present in Nigeria?

It was not known if the goat was taken to the event venue as a present for the couple.

But it was suggested in the comment section that the goat could be used for pepper soup.

The woman who brought it held it with a rope and dragged it up towards a stage as if she was going to gift it to the couple.


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