“Me I Reject Poverty in Jesus Name” – Bride Refuses To Say ‘For Richer For Poorer’ During Marital Vows, Video Causes Stir online

A video of a bride reusing to say ‘for richer for poorer’ during exchange of vows has gone viral, praizemedia report.

The TikTok clip shared by @morganscottfilms shows when it was the bride’s turn to repeat her vows after the officiating minister.When the minister got to the ‘for richer for poorer line’, the bride refused to repeat it exactly the normal way.

Instead of ‘for richer for poorer’ she said ‘for richer for richer’, meaning that she refused to be poor ever.The action by the bride attracted a roaring laughter from the congregation who were immediately taken aback.


The officiating minister was stunned but laughed it off, saying she likes the bride’s faith.

The lady’s husband too was left reeling in laughter as the whole wedding process got paused for a moment of serious comic relief.


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