“No be only Davido pikin die” – Model, Afeez Savage calls out Nigerians mourning Ifeanyi.

Afeez Savage addresses his concern about Nigerians mourning Davido’s son, praizemedia report.

The death of the young child brought out sympathy for the parents from a lot of Nigerians and many have been sending prayers to them, Afeez however did not agree with this show of support. He took to his Instagram live to share his thoughts on the grief people are currently expressing.


According to him, Nigerians are only this concerned about Ifeanyi’s death because he is a rich man’s son and would not bat an eyelid if he was not, He said…

“If you feel for Davido, don’t feel for only Davido’s child, feel for every Nigerian child that died because they cannot eat or because their parents cannot pay their medical bills. Feel for every human being that loses their life. Stop making a choice of who you extend your humanity towards. Love everybody, feel bad for everybody so we can do something about it.
If na poor man pikin you disconnect yourself from it and feel like it’s none of your business but if it’s a rich child, everyone wants to act as if they care.”

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